Hawaiian Swordfish Japan Hamachi And Black Cod Butterfish 3 lbs

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Sushi Grade Three-Fish Tasting Pak - 1 lb Sashimi Cut Each

Premium Hawaiian Swordfish are caught on long line fishing gear in the colder currents of Hawaiian waters. The trips are very short ensuring that the freshness is superior to other versions found on the seafood market. When sword has a clean, slight pink hue and buttery moisture like this, you can refer to it as ‘Shutome’, which is the Japanese name for sashimi grade sword.

Fresh Japan-grown Hamachi is at the top of it’s class. Creamy white with fat and high in oil makes our Hamachi experience exceptional. Fresh Hamachi will never have a muted flavor and will burst with buttery sweetness that is almost a shame to cook. Sashimi cut Japan Hamachi portions have skin and bones removed.

Black Cod Sashimi Cut - The only ocean raised black cod butterfish produced in the world. This extremely fresh sashimi grade cod is high in fat content and omega 3s offering rich buttery flavour with every moisture filled velvety bite.