Honolulu Fish Co. Ichiban Home Sushi Kit

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Our Ichiban (#1) features fresh sashimi grade Hawaiian Ahi, King Salmon, Hawaiian Kanpachi and a sushi kit brimming with accessories and premium sushi ingredients sourced from Japan. Enjoy ready-to-slice one pound portions per fish and a kit that delivers a complete sushi bar experience to your doorstep.

Ichiban Sushi Kit ingredients:

Nanatsuboshi Sushi Rice from Hokkaido, Japan (milled in Honolulu) 1 lb/15.5
Yubikigenman Sashimi Shoyu (soy sauce) 7oz 207ml
Shirakiku Sweet Pickled Ginger 12oz 340ml
Wasabi paste (horseradish) .09 oz 42g
Mizukan Sushi Vinegar 12 oz 355ml
Itamaewaza Nori (seaweed sheet)  0.11 lbs 50g

Accessories: Sushi mold, bamboo roll mat, rice paddle, reusable tote bag, sushi preparation instructions