New Zealand Snapper Ultra Ahi And Salmon Pak 3 lbs

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Three portions of fantastic Pacific Rim sashimi. Hawaiian Ultra Ahi, King Salmon and New Zealand Sanpper sashimi cuts are 1 lb gems ready to serve! 

New Zealand Snapper is the best tasting snapper its country has to offer.  Known to the mauri people as "Koekohe" this amazing white snapper meat is fantastic as sashimi and penomenal with a butter saute

Hawaiian Ahi Ultra is the very best grade of fresh bigeye tuna available in the world. The meat is translucent and brilliant red. A very low water content and high creamy oil content give Ahi Ultra its superb taste. Due to its outstanding quality, sashimi preparation is recommended. The shelf life on this Ahi is longer and the color will maintain vibrant.

King salmon is the most popular tasting salmon of all the species of salmons.  Our king salmon is an entirely unique genetic strain of King Salmon bred for extremely rich taste and much higher oil content.  There is no other salmon anywhere in the world that compares in delicious taste.