Premium Swordfish And Deep Sea Crab Box

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1 lb Premium Swordfish

2.5 lbs Deep Sea Sweet Crab

Hawaiian Pumpkin Swordfish are caught on long line fishing gear in the colder currents of Hawaiian waters. The trips are very short ensuring that the freshness is superior to other versions found on the seafood market. When sword has a clean, orange hue and buttery moisture like this, you can refer to it as ‘Shutome’, which is the Japanese name for sashimi grade sword.

2.5 lbs Red Deep Sea Sweet Crab is a layered fancy-packmeat only, no shell.  Exclusive Gourmet Fancy Pak.  All the beautiful large lump meat of the claws and legs are layered elegantly on top and individually separated so you can use for many different type of dishes.   Sweet red crab meat taste like no others.